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People change

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“Ryan, come on!” I shouted up the stairs. I looked at my phone, checking the time. We had thirty minutes to get to the restaurant and he had changed his outfit at least three times already.
“Coming, baby!” He shouted, running down the stairs. He was wearing a regular button down dress shirt, black…

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(xHappy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. (Our little singer)

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For GQ Magazine


For GQ Magazine

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I actually can’t understand why ronaldo is in the ballon d’or top 3, what has he done to deserve it? score loads of goals? players have scored more in the past and there not in the top 3? you can hate me for this but its true..

Well it’s certainly not because:

1) he scored 53/54 goals in a single season. So that’s one La Liga record broken.

2) he scored 6 hat tricks in one season. Another record broken.

3) He achieved similar feats in the EPL with Manchester United. (118 goals in 298 appearances, 42 in the 2008 season)

4) His style of play is fucking beautiful. He can dribble through defenders without breaking his stride or slowing down and it’s a pleasure to watch imo. Most importantly, it is very fucking effective. (See #’s 1, 2, and 3 for reference.)

5) So to recap: he’s already captured 2 La Liga superlatives during only 2.5 seasons at the club. He’s scored 113 goals for RM in 111 games, which is an average of more than a goal a game.

6) And no: people really haven’t scored more goals. (Except Dixie Dean, who scored 60 goals in a single EPL season … … … . back in 1927-1928.)

6) But how does scoring loads of goals NOT qualify you to be in the top 3? It’s a very impressive feat, and while it’s not the sole reason he should win, I’d say 54 goals in one season is a pretty good reason to win.

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